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Bone augmentation is necessary when the jaw’s bone mass is not suitable to add dental implants.

Bone Augmentation

Keep Your Dental Implant Secure

Bone augmentation or bone grafting, is a procedure to replace atrophied or missing bone in the jaw. Patients seek this procedure when their jaw is not suitable to successfully incorporate dental implants.

When an adult tooth is removed and not replaced, jawbone deterioration may occur. Natural teeth stimulate the jawbone through activities such as chewing and biting. When teeth are missing the portion of the jawbone that anchors the teeth in the mouth, no longer receives the necessary stimulation and begins to break down or resorb.

Our doctor can grow bone where it is needed. When bone mass is too thin or soft to keep a dental implant in place, a bone augmentation will help so the bone can fuse to the dental implant and keep it secure.

Length of Procedure

Bone augmentation procedures typically take less than 30 minutes. You can expect to be in our office 1.5 to 2 hours for consultation, procedure and in-office recovery time.